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SWACC - Mission StatementSWA TNOSC

The South West Asia Cyber Center (SWACC) supports ARCENT/CFLCC by conducting 24x7 Network Operations (NetOps) and security management on the SWA Army LandWarNet & Theater Information Grid (TIG).


  • Plan, direct, and monitor enterprise management and network operations.
  • Plan, direct, and monitor network defense.
  • Provide situational awareness and operational reporting of systems and networks from the theater level to the Army's deployed forces.
  • Execute technical control and enforce compliance.
  • Monitor and enable content management.

  • Divisions within the SWACC:

    The SWA CC consists of the Command Section, Action Request Center (ARC), Information Assurance Division (IA), Network Management and Network Operations (NETOPS), and the System Operations Division (SYSOPS).

    Command Section:

    Consists of the SWACC Director, site manager, and NCOIC performing operational, administrative, technical control and supervision over four Divisions.

    The Action Request Center (ARC):

    Consists of personnel performing duties as Battle Captains, Network Controllers, and Watch Officers providing Network Monitoring, Reporting and the Outage restoration pillars for the SWACC. It supports other divisions and teams by assisting in tracking trouble tickets and managing circuit outages. It accomplishes this by using various monitoring tools such as Spectrum, E-Health, Remedy, and the INMS (Integrated Network Management System) to track events. The ARC reports on NetOps events following the 335th TSC (FWD) CCIR and coordinates with the TNC CENT, JNCC-I, ACCC, and the theater RNOSCs. The ARC also tracks, monitors, coordinates, manages, and disseminates Network Tasking Orders in compliance with A2TOC, AGNOSC, and the TNC CENT. It also processes all theater Authorized Service Interruptions for CFLCC by conducting operational analysis of outages to determine operational impact.

    Information Assurance Division (IA):

    Consists of personnel who ensure availability, integrity, identification, authentication, confidentiality and non-repudiation of friendly information systems while denying adversary access.

    Network Management Division/ Network Operations (NETOPS):

    Consists of personnel who provide operational and technical proactive and reactive wide area data and telecommunications network support to the LandWarNet with the AOR to include the ordering and tracking of new strategic and tactical services. Within the NetOps Division there are teams consisting of the Data, Transmissions, Network Security, Information Management and Circuit Teams.

    System Operations Division (SYSOPS):

    Consists of personnel who provide administration, security, configuration, accounting, performance and fault management for data systems (Active Directory) in the SWA Forest (Kuwait-Qatar-Bahrain, Afghanistan, and ARCENT-ATL). Installs, configures, tests and evaluates new HW/SW technologies and upgrades, develops network administration tools, and internal system and administration support for Spectrum, E-Health, Formula, and Remedy.

    SWA TNOSC - Contacts
    SWACC Director:
    DSN: 318-430-3545 Commercial: 011-965-2389-3545
    ITT Site Manager:
    DSN: 318-430-3925 Commercial: 011-965-2389-3925
    DSN: 318-430-3546 Commercial: 011-965-2389-3546
    Watch Officer:
    DSN: 318-430-3530 Commercial: 011-965-2389-3530
    Battle Captains:
    DSN: 318-430-3533
    DSN: 318-430-3530
    Commercial: 011-965-2389-3533
    Commercial: 011-965-2389-3530
    DSN: 318-430-3533 Commercial: 011-965-2389-3533
    IA OIC:
    DSN: 318-430-3931 Commercial: 011-965-2389-3931
    DSN: 318-430-3926 Commercial: 011-965-2389-3926
    DSN: 318-430-3578 Commercial: 011-965-2389-3578
    DSN: 318-430-3926 Commercial: 011-965-2389-3926
    DSN: 318-430-3931 Commercial: 011-965-2389-3931
    DSN: 318-430-3574 Commercial: 011-965-2389-3574

    Last updated on 19th March, 2013.